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United States
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Sonic Nebulous v4.0 is complete. This version includes gameplay from the Great Forest areas into the Dark Swamp. This also includes a subsection of the Dark Swamp titled "Weeping Willows". There are four playable characters from the start(Sonic, Sally, Bunnie and Tails) and two unlock-able characters which can be found along the way.

Two player mode is available with optional spit-screen display. The game now be can be saved using up 10 save slots.

Battlemode has been disabled for now due to a small number of small glitches, but I plan to follow up this version with a quick fix very shortly allowing gameplay for Epsio, Barby, Lupe and other unlockable characters.

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Ca you explain the stories of Sonic Nebulous 1 & 2?
Sure. SN is like an alternate sonic universe so there are many differences with characters and their backup stories. Robotnik has completed the Doomsday Machine and has become a larger threat than even before. He and Snivley attempt to capture all organic life forms on planet Mobius and transform them into machines. This way, he is able absorb their energy and control the minds of the population. The freedom fighters, chaotix, archie and sonic underground cast work together in order to defeat Robotnik and try to shut down Robotropolis for good. SN2 continues where SN1 leaves of while adding new characters with their own personal reasons for their involvement in Nebulous. SN2 begins after Robotnik has been defeated and Snivley escapes. With no one to give the orders, the bots spread out into the world in search of organic life to energize themselves. The goal of SN2 is to survive and eliminate the robot threat.
Can I see character bios please?
SN1 v4.2 displays a short bio for each character after you select them and start the game. There are no bios written for SN2 just yet, but once there are, I will post them here and on my site.

Can't wait to see what new music you add to your sequel :) You introduced me to some really good listening, and it worked perfectly into the first Sonic Nebulous.
CraftyPixel Mar 12, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
- Kewl Stuffz :3 -
Just wow, Sonic Nebulous 2 is awesome! I played SN years ago, then remembered the game now and found SN2 while looking for a download. Despite being buggy both the games are AWESOME, I love to play them!
Thanks for checking them out^^ Glad you enjoyed them! And I'll try to get rid some of the
sonicgirl125 Nov 24, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Hia :3
Your games are awesome
so is your art :3
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